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Shareasale Affiliate Ad Network Review

Shareasale Overall Summary:
Shareasale is an affiliate advertising network that was started in 2000. We have used it as both a merchant and as an affiliate. We're focusing on the affiliate side in this review. Be sure to check out our Shareasale Merchant review. Shareasale has over 700 merchant at the time of this review. Affiliates will only get paid if the users clicks through their links and make a sale or sign up to an offer (aka CPA: Cost Per Action). Shareasale do have a few (only 4 at this time) merchants that offers a CPC(cost per click) campaigns. Shareasale's user interface could use a revamp as it's currently a little hard to get around. However our experience with Shareasale has been good, so we still recommend using Shareasale as an affiliate and/or merchant.

Shareasale Affilate Ad Network

Shareasale Info:
Established: 2000
Country: USA
Website: Click Here
Shareasale Score: (3.4 out of 5)
User Interface (2)
Reporting Stats: (4)
Ad Formats: (4.5)
Defaults Ads: (n/a)
Payments: (3)
Shareasale Pro and Cons
- Stats are updated frequently
- Pays on time
- Good Ad Format Selection
- Clutter User Interface
- Limited Payment Option.

Shareasale Website Requirements:
Shareasale affiliates must have a valid web site address, and valid email address in order to participate. Affiliates can differentiate themselves by having a top-level-domain name, and by providing a description of their intent to participate on the ShareASale network. Membership to the network is controlled by shareasale.com, and we may review/reject/accept any application for any reason. We strive to bring in quality sites to our network, both affiliate and merchant alike.

Shareasale User Interface: (2)
Shareasale's user interface is their biggest weakness. It's a little confusing due to a clutter of options. Once you get used to it, you'll be fine. You'll find everything that you need in a few clicks. Load time is fast. We are using Shareasale as both a merchant and an affiliate. We had to create two different accounts to do that. It would have been much easier to manage everything within one account.

Shareasale Reporting Stats: (4)
The reports are displayed in an easy to read format. Shareasale reports allows you to choose from your preferred time range, and display the results by ad type. Pretty basic, but their stats are updated in real time.

Shareasale Ad Formats: (4.5)
Shareasale offers a huge variety of ad formats. It depends on what the merchant offers, but their system do allow for a lot of flexibility when it comes to ad sizes. Shareasale is also experimenting with video ads as well.

Shareasale Defaults Ads: (n/a)
Defaults are ads that are shown when the ad network does not have any paying ads to show. Shareasale has no defaults options since they're an affiliate ad network.

Shareasale Payments: (3)
Shareasale's payments are mailed out on or around the 20th day of the month, for the past months commissions, for all affiliates who have reached the $50 minimum balance. Shareasale also offers direct deposit as a payment option. Surprising there is no PayPal option which seems to be the norm for most ad networks.

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