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Shareasale Merchant Review

Shareasale Merchant Overall Summary:
Shareasale for merchants is a pretty decent system if you can offer the starting cost and monthly $25 minimum. The start up fees isn't necessary a bad thing, it helps limit the amount of overnight or fly by merchant websites that is looking for a quick dollar. It'll give you more exposures to their affiliates. We have been using Shareasale for years and have been very happy with the results. Definitely highly recommended for an E-commerce website.

Shareasale Merchant

Shareasale Info:
Established: 2000
Country: USA
Website: Click Here
Shareasale: (3.9 out of 5)
User Interface (4)
Reporting Stats: (4)
Ad Formats: (4.5)
Cost & Payments: (3)
Shareasale Pro and Cons
- Friendly User Interface
- Detailed Stats
- Wide Range of Ad Formats
- Starting Fee and monthly minimum

Shareasale User Interface: (4)
Shareasale has an user-friendly interface to get you up and running with your ad campaign within minutes. You can easily upload multiple banners ads at the same time. You can easily find what you're looking for within a click or two. Plus they allow you to target banners to individual affiliates.

Shareasale Reporting Stats: (4)
The reports are displayed in an easy to read format. You have the option of selecting individual affiliates to see how they do or selecting daily, weekly, monthly, etc.. time periods for your report. Stats are updated often.

Shareasale Ad Formats: (4.5)
Shareasale allows merchants to upload and use banners, Text-Links, all sizes and shapes. Product links, HTML links such as search boxes, Widgets, Videos, etc.. We didn't see an option for flash ads.

Shareasale Cost and Payments: (3)
The biggest downside is the startup fee and monthly minimum. To join the Shareasale, merchant has to pay a one time $350 "Network Access Fee". After that is a minimum $100 account deposit, and $25 monthly minimum fee. If you generate over $25 in total affiliate commission for the month, then there is no fee, otherwise you have to cover the difference to Shareasale. Shareasale allows merchants to pay by credit cards, checks, and paypal. They also have an auto deposit feature which lets you automatically refill your account when the balance gets low.

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