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Google AdWords Publishers Review

Google AdWords Overall Summary:
Unlike a traditional online advertising buy, Google's contextual advertising means you only pay for clicks and/or impressions. Our advertising platform offers a variety of features, including site targeting, geo targeting, multiple ad formats, and more. You can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns through tools such as conversion tracking and Google Analytics. 123Designing.com recommends Google Adwords for your advertising needs as you can set a daily limit cater to your advertising budget. But as with any CPC ad networks, there can potentially be fraud clicks.

Google AdWords Info:
Established: 1998
Country: USA
Google AdWords : (4.75 out of 5)
User Interface (5)
Reporting Stats: (5)
Ad Formats: (4.5)
Payments: (4.5)
Google AdWords Pro and Cons
- Friendly User Interface
- Detailed Stats
- Advertisers can set Daily Budget Limits
- Certain Keywords Could Get Expensive

Google AdWords User Interface: (5)
Google AdWords has an user-friendly interface to get you up and running with your ad campaign within minutes. You can easily insert the ad codes to your website using their ad setup wizard, or advance users can select a variety or ad format and option in within a single page.

Google AdWords Reporting Stats: (5)
The reports are displayed in an easy to read format. The first thing that you will see when you log in is a chart displaying your daily ad costs, and how well it did. You can easily sort these reports by date, campaign, clicks, etc. Stats are updated often.

Google AdWords Ad Formats: (4.5)
Google AdWords offers advertisers a chance to target their ads via keywords or by websites. If you choose to target a website directly, then you will have to pay on a CPM basis. Advertisers are allowed to use image ads in a variety of sizes. Google AdWords has started to allow for flash and video ads recently.

Google AdWords Payments: (4.5)
Google accepts payment by credit card, debit card, direct debit, and bank transfer payment methods. Depending on the payment method that relates to your preferences, you might have the option to pay for your advertising after accruing costs (postpay) or prior to accruing costs (prepay). Google doesn't offer payment by PayPal.

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