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Free Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Websites

There is a saying that goes "if you build it, they will come". That's is not the case with the Internet. Building a website is the first step, the next and very important step is to learn how to drive traffic to your new website. You can easily do this for free and greatly improve the amount of visitors that your website is currently getting.

Top Free Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Blog or Websites

Content is King:
The first and most important thing to do is to just keep updating and adding new content to your website or blog. Search engines love a website that gets updated often and will rank and "crawl" the website more often. Visitors will come back often as well if they know that the website has constant updates. Content is King. The more content that you have, the more chances of someone typing a key phrase in the search engines that one of your web pages will contain.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
The second and just as important thing that you should do is to optimize the website for search engines. There are many ways to optimize your website with keywords so that your website will come up higher in the search term(s) of your choice. I will go into more details on SEO in another article.

If you don't know how to optimize your site, you could skip this step for now and just submit your website to the search engines. You should definitely submit your website to the top 3 search engines. Google, MSN aka Bing, and Yahoo. Microsoft is currently in the process of acquiring Yahoo's search engine, so Yahoo's search results might be the same as Bing in the future. It doesn't hurt to submit to the smaller search engines as well if you have time, but the top 3 search engnies should be the ones that you concentrate on. Most of the lesser known search engines are powered by one of the top 3 search engines.

Link Directories:
Link directories are useful as they are providing a link to your site. Do not count on them to bring you much traffic at all, unless the directory is popular and is highly targeted to your audience. The most important aspect of submitting your website to a link directory is for a higher search engine ranking. Any direct link to your website is a plus when it comes to search engine rankings. Be sure to look for link directories that are actually giving you a direct link to your URL and not for example: linkdirectoryurl.com/link123 which redirects to your website.

Do not submit to free web directories which demand a reciprocal link in return, particularly where the directory is obviously of low quality links which might resemble a link farm to search engines. Having your website link in a link farm will actually have a reverse effect on your website ranking in search engines.

Link Exchanges:
Exchanging links with related sites are actually very useful and can bring in a good amount of traffic if it's with a popular website. Link exchanges will can help improve your search engine ranking as well. Don't overuse reciprocal linking as that could have a negative effect on your search rankings. Keep reciprocal links to no more than 15-20% of your outward links to other websites.

Social Networks:
Popular social networks such as MySpace, FaceBook, and Twitter are a great way for you to spread the word of mouth among your friends and family. Everytime you post new content to your website, tweet it or post it up as your status on your social network sites. Some of the social network websites allows you to create groups and fan pages. Use those options to create one for your website. Top social networks like FaceBook and Myspace has hundreds of millions of members. This is one free way of getting more visitors to your website that you should not miss out on.

Include your Websites in Pictures and Videos:
It is best to include your website url in your website pictures and videos. This helps prevent people from stealing it from your website and claiming it as their own. So be sure to include your website url in an area of the picture and video that doesn't obscure it much. I have seen numerous cases where another user took an image from my website and posted in on their own site. Some visitors might link to the image on a forum. As for videos, I have seen my videos on Youtube get taken and reposted to their own account. It was a good thing that I had included my website url in all of them. This gives me free advertising and more exposure that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten if i didn't do so.

Include Your Website in Signatures:
Emails and forums are two of the easiest way to advertise your website for free without spamming. There is usually a signature option for both email and forums. Anytime you reply or send an email, you can include your website in your signature. The same goes with forums. There are a lot of popular forum which gets thousands if not millions of visitors daily. Your website can be advertised in the signature of every post you make, but be sure your post are relevant to the forum topic. Some forums will catch on if you join a forum just to advertise your website and ban you.

These are the top free ways to get more traffic to your website without spending a dime. I'll post more free ways to this article in the future, so check back soon. Now if you have implemented these tips and would like to get even more traffic without spending a lot of money, then be sure to check out my article: cheap low cost ways to get visitors to your website.

About The Author:
Ben Li is the founder of MadCool Network and has been working on websites since 1997. His websites has won numerous awards including Best Shopping Website from New York Magazine.

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