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Cheap Low Cost Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Websites

It takes money to make money. That saying is true when it comes to starting an online business, but there are many cheap low cost options for you to drive traffic to your website. If you used all the free ways to get more visitors to your websites and would like to get even more people to your website, then use these low cost advertising options.

Top Cheap Low Cost Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Websites

Business Cards:
Business cards is one of the best and cheapest way to promote your online business or website. It's a great way to network with people you meet and have them remember you later on. Business cards doesn't cost much at all to print. Depending on where you order them, you can get a few hundred business cards for under $30. You can even get business cards for free at VistaPrint!

Affiliate Networks:
If you sell products on your website, then the best thing to do is to sign up with an affiliate network such as ShareaSale. Having an affiliate program allows website owner to promote your e-commerce store and products for a low price. You only pay them when they referred a lead or sale to you.

Contests and Giveaways:
By offering a contest or giveaway, you can generate a lot of leads and/or visitors depending on your prize. You should offer a prize that your website audience is interesting in. The prize has to be worthwhile and appeal to the general population in order for people to be interested in the promotion. The more value the prize is worth, the more leads you'll get.

Advertising and Sponsorship of other Websites:
Advertising on lessor known website isn't as expensive as you think. You can advertise or sponsor a lot of websites with a simple text link for less than $100 a year. You just have to find these little gems. Make sure the website fits your targeted audience, and check to see how many visitors they get a month.

These are the top low cost ways to get more traffic to your website without spending a fortune. I'll post more cheap ways in this article in the future, so check back soon.

About The Author:
Ben Li is the founder of MadCool Network and has been working on websites since 1997. His websites has won numerous awards including Best Shopping Website from New York Magazine.

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