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123Designing Website Excellence Awards

Purpose: We know that building a website takes countless hours of time. Just when you thought the site is finished, you find errors where you least expected after it was uploaded. We understand the frustration of creating a website and double-checking it a million times to make sure that everything is all working properly. That is why we are offering these awards, in honor of the creativity, dedication, hard work, and heart that goes into creating and maintaining a website.

Website AwardOur Award: 123Designing's Website Excellence Award is granted to online web sites that has great content, design, and originality. There are 3 ranks to our award, Gold(90+), Silver(80-89), and Bronze(65-79). The award will be based on the points from three main categories, Content (50%), Design (30%), and Originality (20%).

Content: The content of a web site is the main reason a customer or visitor will buy your product, use your service, and return to your site.
  • Must have a privacy statement clearly posted if visitors information are collected.
  • If the site process orders online, then it must be secure!
  • Contact information should be easy to find.
  • Racist, demeaning, illegal content, and "Get Rich Quick" scheme sites will not be accepted as nominees.
Design: The first thing visitors will notice is the layout of the site. A website should leave a positive first impression The overall presentation of the site should make the visitor want to come back.
  • Site must be well organized and easy to navigate.
  • Must contain no broken/dead links, missing graphics or any pages which are "under construction".
  • Photos should be optimized for improved site performance. Each page should have reasonable load times.
Originality: The more original your site is, the better you'll score. Sites that use common templates design, or common content such as Dragonball Z gallery, will not score high in this category.

Submit your website by email:
E-mail web site awards email with the following information (Be sure to put 123Designing Website Excellence Award in the subject title so that our spam filter doesn't mark it as spam). It's free so you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain.

1) Full Name
2) Website Name
3) Website URL Address
4) Description of the website
5) Comments or things about the website that we should know before we review it
6) Your e-mail address

** Please Note**
- It may take up to 2 months to review your site due to the large volume of submission.
- Not everyone that submit will win, but everyone will get a reply from one of our judges.
- If you didn't win, you can always resubmit. Don't give up. Keep working on it and try again.
- If you win an award and it is not gold, you can always resubmit if the site has improved.
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